Certificato vinil-official-partner

Alfatherm has always been attentive to issues of health and the environment. Thanks to constant and major investments to reduce the environmental impact of production, technologies and production methods and coherent choices in terms of products compliant with the environment.

Alfatherm is associated with Vinyl Plus, the organization created by the European PVC industry (production and processing) to meet the challenge of sustainable development, improving production processes and products, investing in technologies, minimizing emissions and wastes and giving impetus to the collection and recycling of components at the end of life.

Alfatherm is also associated with PVC Forum Italy, the Italian association that brings together the leading companies in the production of PVC resin and additives, compounding and processing of PVC.

Alfatherm adopts ‘Marks volunteers of quality and sustainability’ with the aim of ensuring the citizen and the consumer on the ‘quality’ of their artifacts and the ‘sustainability’ of their productions and of the substances used and part of the product.